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After years of discussing the idea of a lending library for baby equipment and toys, two local experts put their heads together to create not just a library, but tool kits parents and caregivers need to feel confident as their child's first teacher. 


play fully provides: 

An Eco Friendly Option 

When toys are shared between multiple families, instead of each family buying a copy of that toy, we can reduce waste and environmental impact.

The Ability to Try Before You Buy

Not sure what your little ones will be interested in? Try it out risk-free.

Answer to Lack of Space & Clutter

Short on space? Trial our larger footprint items (tent, trampoline, climbing blocks) for a short amount of time. By renting toys that continually exchange for new ones, clutter never builds up in your home- leaving more space for creative play and exploration.



Not everyone needs to borrow toys, but simply need guidance and a plan. We have options for whatever stage of support you need. 

Built in Toy Rotations

Most children play with toys for short periods of time before they lose interest. Continually exposing your child to novel items will help promote their creativity while ensuring they never get bored.


A Plan for Your Child's Play 

Unsure how to think outside of the box to help promote your child's creative thinking? We take the work out of it by providing specially designed plans, guides, and ideas with each kit.


Social Awareness 

Play fully improves access to toys, books, gear, and equipment to those families who may not otherwise be able to afford them. We believe each child should have the opportunity to learn through play.


Pick up and Delivery Options 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
9:00AM - 6:00PM
By Appointment

Local Delivery Available with Fee 


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