Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my kit or item? 

No, unfortunatley none of our items are available for renewal at this time. 

What happens if my item is late?  Or lost or broken.  

All items must be returned (or pick-up arranged) by 6:00PM on the day of return. Items must be returned in condition they were received. Normal wear and tear is expected. Condition of item will be documented prior to and post rental. If item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, lost, or returned after 6:00PM on the day of return, the customer will be subject to the following fees. 

Late Fees

Kits: $5 Initial late fee, $1/day each day after

Add On Items: $1/day per item

Excess wear & tear*: $5 fee per item 

Missing parts/pieces*:  charged a replacement fee based on fair market value

Broken/Damaged/Lost*: charged a replacement fee based on fair market value of item

*Customer has the option of replacing the item with a used version in comparable shape or brand new item instead of collecting fees.  

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

Check out our homepage for any promotions! 

How do you clean your items? 

Take a look at our comprehensive cleaning procedures.