Top 3: Favorite Newborn Tools

If there was an instruction manual or an easy button, those would be in our top 3. But since those haven't been invented yet, check out some of our favorite tools for those early newborn days.

Sound Machine

We often think we need to tiptoe around babies, but the truth is, they are used to a lot of noise in utero; between the whooshing of amniotic fluid, mamas organs and blood rushing, the womb is around the same decibel level as an industrial vacuum! Shushing and white noise can help calm a crying baby, help a sleepy baby fall asleep, and even keep a little one sleeping for longer.

My favorite is the Homemedics Sound Spa because of the price tag (under $20), ability to plug in and use batteries on the go, and the variety of sounds.


  • We also recommend a portable sound machine or white noise app that can soothe babies anywhere (including car rides and stroller naps) .

  • You can check out Happiest Baby for more tips on shushing, sound machines, and soothing baby techniques.

Bjorn Bouncer Chair

This chair is our most expensive recommendation; but it is SO worth it. Why do we love it?

  • Perfect for small spaces: it folds completely flat and stows nicely under anything.

  • It's easily washable: from blowouts to spit up, it's not fun to clean baby gear; the entire cover easily slips off and can be thrown into the washer. Even get extra covers!

  • It's magic: OK not really, but something about the ergonomic design and weight distribution makes this a super comfy chair for newborns through toddlers (yes, it converts!) and usually gets you a few extra minutes of being hands free.

Rent from our Lending Library to try it out before buying!


  • There are three levels; you want to start with the lowest setting, but play around to make sure your little one is comfy and in a safe position.

  • Sitting independently is a learned skill; don't give up if the chair doesn't work magically at first. Check out our post on increasing independent sitting and play with newborns for more tips!


I can't tell you how often we hear, "my baby just hates to be swaddled." While we absolutely hear, we do want you to keep trying! It's a big world out here and after feeling all cozy in your tummy, swaddling can help a newborn to feel safe, limit their active startle reflex, and sleep longer!

And here's a secret; usually babies hate the act of swaddling but love to actually be swaddled. Check out our swaddling tips post for help with wrangling little ones in!

For safety sake, we like pre-made swaddles so there isn't as much loose fabric floating around.

View this list of the top 5 swaddles from 2020!

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