Rental Agreement 

Term Length:

1 Month Rental begins the day of delivery/pick up and ends 30 days after.  

Renewals are not available at this time.



Rental fee varies per package and item. Fee is due upon ordering. Credit cards are the only acceptable form of payment at this time. Credit card will be kept on file and charged the following fees if appropriate.


Late, Lost, or Damaged Items:

All items must be returned (or pick-up arranged) by 6:00PM on the day of return. Items must be returned in condition they were received. Normal wear and tear is expected. Condition of item will be documented prior to and post rental. 

If item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, lost, or returned after 6:00PM on the day of return, the customer will be subject to the following fees. 

Late Fees:

Kits: $5 Initial late fee, $1/day each day after

Add On Items: $1/day per item

Excess wear & tear*: $5 fee per item 

Missing parts/pieces*:  charged a replacement fee based on fair market value

Broken/Damaged/Lost*: charged a replacement fee based on fair market value of item

*Customer has the option of replacing the item with a used version in comparable shape or brand new item instead of collecting fees.  


Termination of Agreement: 

Play Fully can end the rental agreement with any party at their discretion. Sub-renting of toy packages and items is prohibited.  Renters who fail to return their items timely, 3 times or more, are at risk of being denied further rentals.



Customer and Family are responsible for using all equipment and toys appropriately, safely, and in accordance with regulations and instructions for each item. Play Fully does not take responsibility for any injury, harm, or death related to use of rental items or activities suggested.  Play Fully releases all liability.  



Repairs and maintenance will be conducted by Play Fully, or an external third party when necessary. Should an item be beyond repair for safety related reasons, usage will be discontinued.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, curb side pick-up/drop-off or delivery are being offered. Play Fully does not offer installation services.


Cleaning Protocols: 

Complete cleaning and disinfecting protocol are followed by Play Fully based on material of item, in accordance with CDC guidelines. No cross-contamination of toys occurs between soiled items and clean items. All materials will be handled wearing gloves and masks while at Play Fully.  

Customers are asked to follow simple upkeep cleaning while in possession of Play Fully materials.  Before returning the materials, customers must remove all food and fluids (spit up, drool, etc).  For additional guidance, follow CDC backed suggestions.  



No additional warranties for toys will be offered by Play Fully. We strive to only use toys that are of acceptable quality. If you feel dissatisfied with any part of your order, please express your concerns to us via email at


Thank you for supporting play fully!