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It is really that simple! . 

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These kits have been specifically designed based around age ranges and typical milestones.


Feel your child is a bit ahead or behind for their age? Read the kit descriptions to see which best fits your child's interests and skill level.

Toddler kits are based on theme, generally appropriate for children ages 2 and up!

Each kit contains a variety of materials targeting imagination and creativity while helping your child practice key skills for their age. 


All kits come with play plans with ideas, tips, strategies, and additional suggestions for maximizing your child's learning opportunities as well as a free month of playfully

Member Only Resources.  


Don't need or want to rent items but need ideas of what to do or what to buy?  Take a look at our play plans.  

Our favorite tools for surviving the first few years with little ones.  From wraps to bouncy chairs, trying out gear before purchasing allows you to find the right fit for your family. 

A way to customize your kit or gear by adding in art, dramatic play, fine motor, building, or other materials! 

Interested in these items and not a kit?  Build your own with a $30 minimum. 

Members Area

Our members area includes access to developmental charts, more in-depth explantations and ideas for types of play, and additional caregiving resources. 


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